Cynea: Empowering your research

At Cynea, we are working with you to make the most of your research. With our web-based database, you can focus on your research, while we manage your data.

Who are our customers?

Database features

Our database service provides many features normally only found in enterprise-class products, for the low price of only €29.99/month or €239.99/year, a 30% discount!

Professional plan
Full hierarchical database
Full trusted audit trail
Custom tables and fields
Custom queries
Drag-and-drop interface
Automatically generated data forms
Encrypted database connection
Enterprise-class data storage
Daily back-ups
Advanced data exporting
Multiple users
€29.99/month (monthly subscription)
€239.99/year (yearly subscription)
Prices excluding VAT

Scientific integrity: Full trusted audit trail

We offer a full audit trail: a list of all entries, changes and deletions in your database. The audit trail clearly marks who entered which data and when and why it was changed. We act as a 'trusted third party': the audit trail cannot be changed, not even by you. By granting your quality manager, reviewer or other parties access to the audit trail, they can see for themselves the data is original. This makes your research more trustworthy.

Advanced exporting

Data can be exported in many file formats, including SPSS, CSV and Microsoft Excel 2010 and higher. You can export selected query results or your entire database at once.

Your data is yours

Your data is yours and will remain yours. If you ever cancel your subscription with us, you will have three more months to download your entire dataset, which you can store and keep using on your own computer with your favourite software package. There is one catch: if the data is not on our server anymore, we cannot vow for the audit trail anymore. Another option is our data retention plan: an affordable €5,-/month (excluding VAT) subscription which archives your data on our server. This allows existing queries to be used and keeps the trusted audit trail intact. If you ever want to extend your project, you can upgrade back to the professional plan and continue working.